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We warmly welcome you at the leading special service provider for Claims Management and Project Management - CARNEADES. Inform yourself on our website about all aspects of our services. Gain value from participating in latest business pratices based on reliable scientific methods.

Assign us , if you need a fast intervention team, always ready to strengthen your project. Make use of staff only at times when you really need to. Acquire knowledge and long term Know-How by training your employees. Manage your financial project result, trust in our services in Claims Management. We can provide experience in Claims for Construction and Engineering since years.

This long lasting experience in delayed project execution situations has made us initiating our own Claims Management Software which we developed truely to our own requirements. You can learn more about Features and Advantages of this Business Intelligence Product here .

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Project Management Excellence - this is objective which we serve every day. Our goal is the highest Quality by Sustainability. Our experts from different disciplines apply their Working and Project Experience for the benefits of our clients. Continously we are bringing forward the professional development in the fields of Project Management, Contract and Claims Management, Risik Management and Asset Management.

Just ask us - we would be delighted to proove our Capability!

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