Basics of Project Managements

Project Management is the entirety of executive functions, executive organisation, management techniques and tools for the execution of a project (DIN 69901). Project related working is progressing in business more and more in areas concerned with capital-intensive goods. The success of major projects often decides on the future prospects of a company. All the more important is to refrain from making mistakes in project business. Include experts in you project team!


Services CARNEADES in Project Management

a) Project Steering

CARNEADES GmbH & Co. KG is able to be assigned with all delegable tasks within Project Steering which occur in construction and engineering projects. We have specialists for time scheduling, cost controlling, ressource management, quality management and general project management. CARNEADES kann care for every procurement task within the project, also under observance of public procurement law. This goes along with the evaluation of the tendering documents set up by the respective departments or service providers of the client. CARNEADES can perform the management of all project meetings including drafting the minutes and can establish the basis for the necessary reporting.

Result of the services of CARNEADES GmbH & Co. KG is the safeguarding of aims of the project in regard of budget, time schedule and quality level.

b) Investment Controlling

The services of Investment Controlling is a project related controlling task for the investor or later acquirer of an investment project (e.g. an office building). CARNEADES supervises at random checks the contract requirements defined by the investor, grants advice for the organisation of the project, records occurring deficiencies or deviations, reflects those against the contract and suggests recommendations for actions for the investor or acquirer.

Result of the services of CARNEADES GmbH & Co. KG is an assurance support regarding the safeguarding of aims of the investment.

c) Time Scheduling

CARNEADES undertakes as a individual task of project management the time scheduling in major projects. That is why we employ specialized time scheduling engineers. We set up the time scheduling in Primavera P3E® or Microsoft Project®.