Basics of Risk Management

The appropriate handling of project and company risks is decisive for business success. In a world of complexity and resulting from increasing project budgets, our clients are burdened with escalating risks. Risks emerge to a constant threat to project success. An active risk management shall identify such risks and manage them, but also indentify chances and use them for improving the project result. However, assurance of project success is one thing but also legal compliance is a topic under risk management. CARNEADES risk management will offer you a well founded preventive risk management, leading responsible staff to more confidence in both decisions and project aims.


Services of CARNEADES in Risk Management

The services of CARNEADES GmbH & Co. KG in Risk Management comprise of identification, analysis and management of project and company risks in the fields of construction and engineering. Baseline is the development of a risk cartography of the company or project. Afterwards, the systematic indentification via pre-defined assessment workflows is done, supported by a specialised software architecture, which also analyses probability and consequences of the risk. CARNEADES supports its Clients in determining the appropriate measures per risk and performs the implementation controlling, also with digital workflows.

The result of the services of CARNEADES GmbH & Co. KG is the safeguarding of transparency in risk structure of the project or company as basis for appropriate management decisions.