IT leads to success - with Claim Management Software

Do you collect your company business data still by hand? No? Do you use Business Intelligence? Then apply by today Business Intelligence on your Claim Management, with the CARNEADES Claim Management Platform!

Claim Management finally means having success in a data jungle. Data, which document delay, additional costs, deficiencies. If you are called at a late point of time for a crisis project you often receive a data storage mounting up to several gigabyte. Somewhere among these thousands of documents, e-mails and minutes meetings you may find the solution for the crisis of the project.

From the beginning, our claim managers have used own software solutions for the project they had been assigned to, to analyse, manage and make a financial success out of the applied Claim Management system via this software. The software served as a basis for enforcing claims for additional costs due to missing access to site, for defending against requests for liquidated damages or penalties, for management of contract variations or for the establishment of notices of defect.

The accumulated experience in the management of obstructed project execution inevitably lead to a development of those software related single solutions to a full scale Software-Product.


CARNEADES Claim Management Platform

A piece of proven in use Know-How! The availability and clarity of relevant information is the basic precondition of a successful Claims Management system. The CARNEADES Claim Management Platform is the high-performance and most completed software from our portfolio, which defines the benchmark of securing your financial project success. The CARNEADES Claim Management Platform is a Business Intelligence Sofware, which, next to management and controlling of claim related information, also offers full operational support for the daily business in Claims Management for your project. Only for your project? No, it pictures, if you like, your whole company situation with all world wide projects in relation to Claims Management. The CARNEADES Claim Management Platform is a truely global acting Claims Management software, which can satisfy almost every desire when it comes to claims handling.

The CARNEADES Claim Management Platform supports you in gathering claim-relevant information e.g. from correspondence and negotiation MoMs to have it present and available in digital format at any time - even after years. Claims and variations are displayed well arranged and in intelligent mode, so that especially in time critical situations of conflict a fast reaction is made possible.

The CARNEADES Claim Management Platform is already established for years in complex engineering projects and is adapted to the requirements of our clients in efficient manner. As an option, a reference to international engineering model contracts, like e.g. FIDIC®, is available.

The maintenance free and sturdy design on basis of the Microsoft® SharePoint® technology has proven as a cost saving factor. The access is made directly via a web browser and therefore the access is also possible via mobile devices, smartphones and tablet computers, which allows our clients an outmost flexibility. The little training effort needed and an up to date intuitive and user friendly interface complete the picture.

The CARNEADES Claim Management Platform is your proven in use tool for Claims and Contract Management.


Microsoft® SharePoint® Consulting

Our most important working asset are our employees. And those have gained a lot of knowledge in the recent years in dealing with the basic system for our Claims Management Software, Microsoft® SharePoint®. If you need consulting services for your company in the fields of Microsoft® SharePoint® design, then do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will find a convincing solution for you!