Basics of Contract Management

Contract conclusions are indispensable instruments of daily business life. A contract can fix the conditions of a business relationship for years over years and therefore also decides on success or fail of a project. The appropriate preparation of a contract and the later quality of contract tracking are decisive - and a task of contract management. Contract Management is not about mainly legal evaluation or advice but about organisational handling of contracts as a project management sub discipline. This is not surprising if you consider that contracts can reach a volume of several file folders in major projects. What does the best contract ever makes a difference if you do not know it? Participate in CARNEADES contract management and track your entitlements!


Services of CARNEADES in Contract Management

In the area of Contract Management CARNEADES offers support in all services which are related to the preparation, conclusion and execution of contracts in construction and engineering. Basis of the contract management is an audit and software based status check, which displays the present structure of contract situation at the client.

Related with the contract preparation CARNEADES GmbH & Co. KG is performing risk analyses for circumstances which shall be regulated in the contract, offers support for the legal department or legal adviser of the client, analyses existing delivery and service contracts und also supports with qualified staff assignments for difficult contract negotiations. CARNEADES coaches procurement departments, strategic buyers or lead buyers in contract management with suppliers.

For contract execution, CARNEADES performs a comprehensive contract controlling by set up of contract summaries, contract time schedules and reports for individual contract circumstances. The controlling is supported by an IT tool for action plan monitoring, an early warning system is informing the management in case of deviations. Furthermore, CARNEADES can manage the whole contract related correspondence of the client and operate the related document management system. CARNEADES is experienced in all modern contract models, like GMP, cost plus fee, FIDIC®, NEC® and others.

Result of the services of CARNEADES GmbH & Co. KG in contract management is the establishment of a comprehensive knowledgebase about contract matters for the management of the client.